Having a healthy relationship with yourself is one thing, and adding a partner, complete with their own history, can be another.  Whatever phase your relationship is in: newlyweds, cohabitors, engaged, contemplating separation, each couple has a different story with unique stressors present in their lives.  Coming to a safe, unbiased and nonjudgmental space to process and learn techniques can be very helpful.  Understanding how to truly hear each other and communicate in an open and respectful way are a few of the benefits to therapy. Megan provides 90-minute sessions for couples to facilitate renewed connection and increased satisfaction in their relationship. 


Family therapy can be very powerful.  Megan views the defined family as a system, with each member playing a unique role.  Like in couples therapy, relationships between family members can be difficult because of the distinct history each member brings.  Because various life stressors can increase and escalate individuals' emotions behind closed doors is often where they present.  Issues such as self-harm, academic struggles, anxiety, behavioral changes to name a few tend to be a symptom of a these larger, systemic issues.  Megan believes the family knows itself best and uses a strength-based,  collaborative, and goal-oriented approach to assist families in finding cohesion.  During the 90-minute sessions, Megan provides an open, non-judgmental and unbiased space for members to share their experiences, learn coping techniques, and new ways to communicate.  Families will learn how to hear each other, respectfully disagree, and adhere to appropriate boundaries.